[2] Sliding Puzzle

[2] Sliding Puzzle Introduction We are going to implement a 4×4 sliding puzzle. The implementation is very similar to the game of Klotski. The Puzzle The Solution Cell Coordinates System List of Block Note that the block at (0,0) is missing. static UnitBlock[] blocks = new UnitBlock[] { new UnitBlock(1,0,Color.WHITE,imageList[1]), new UnitBlock(2,0,Color.WHITE,imageList[2]), new... Read more »
December 8, 2015

[4] Dot Matrix

[4] Dot Matrix Introduction This is a game of falling block. I have written a step by step tutorial to build the game from scratch. Since the source code of Dot Matrix is directly derived from that tutorial, you may wish to read the tutorial first. Enhancement The tutorial above is rather complete.... Read more »
April 10, 2015

[3] Color Matrix

[3] Color Matrix Introduction This is a game of falling block. The purpose of the game is to match three blocks of the same color in a row. Game Control LEFT ARROW : Move left RIGHT ARROW : Move right DOWN ARROW : Fast Falling SPACE : Rotate C : Capture Screen and... Read more »
March 14, 2015

[2] Space Invader

[2] Space Invader Introduction We are going to implement a simple action game using the Sprite Manager I wrote some time ago. Screen Shot Attribution: “Space Ship Shooter Pixel Art Assets” by ansimuz / CC0 You may download the file space_shooter_pack.zip at opengameart.org. Alternatively, you may download an unmodified version of the zip... Read more »
February 28, 2015

[1] Klotski

[1] Klotski Introduction Klotski is a sliding block puzzle. The aim of the game is to move the red block to the bottom. The initial layout of the puzzle is as follows: Data Structure The blocks are of different size. The biggest block is occupying 4 cells. The smallest block is occupying... Read more »
February 20, 2015